An Complete ERP Solution.

Chatra is a comprehensive online educational management system specifically designed for Indian educational institutions that constantly face challenge to manage details of thousands of students and staff, not to mention enormous amounts of competitive research and financial material.

Benefits to Administration
Develop staff knowledge and strengthen staff learning by matching your learning style and satisfying your company needs.

1. Automated and quick report generation
2. Low process turnaround time
3. Trouble-free data access with centralized data repository
4. Eliminate of people-dependent processes
5. Reduce data redundancy
6. Integrate with accounting software

Benefits to Lecturers
Lecturers can now concentrate on doing what they do best - impart quality education

1. Automated student attendance, marks and grades
2. Timetable creation
3. Efficient and effective interaction with parents
4. Forum common to students and parents
5. Better organize of school Activities
6. Fast and reliable e-mail & internal messaging system

Benefits to Management
Bring in a new era of systematic and easy approach towards maintaining the crucial aspects of your educational institute.

1. Cost- Effective Single Point Education Management Software
2. Complete oversight of enrollment process Private and secure
3. Reduce handling of cash and improve audit trail
4. Centrally stored information with zero redundancy.
5. Effective communication between parents, teachers, and students

Benefits to Parents
For a closer look to your wards' performance

1. Get connected to your child's school effectively and easily
2. Register your wards easily and make payments online
3. Frequent interaction with teachers
4. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
5. View, track and update information online
6. Get Results through sending SMS